Buzz Surrounding GRAMMY Museum Mississippi


Will H. Jacks

Photographer: Najawon Wilson

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the grand opening of the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi which opens, Saturday March 5, in Cleveland, Mississippi.
DSU student and member of DMI ALL-Stars, Brennan Barham, is more than excited for the museum. Barham said today has been a very busy day getting ready for the opening ceremonies. “There are beautiful flower arrangements, decorated cookies, and wonderful sound checks going on, ” she said. “They have literally rolled out the red carpet for these folks [board members, donors, etc].” Barham said that they’re on the edge of their seats waiting to kick things off at 7 p.m tonight. “We’re hoping for a great crowd tomorrow afternoon at the ribbon cutting and for the rest of the activities throughout the day.¬†Barham said it would really be cool to work for the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi after she graduates from DSU. “I know they have such a bright future to come,” she said.
DMI All-Star, LindseyAnna Pardue, is excited for the museum as well. “I feel like there are a lot of cool opportunities that could come from the GRAMMY Museum being here,” said Pardue. “Really its an honor because other cities have applied to have GRAMMY museums and they’ve gotten turn down, so its a big deal that we were approved.”
“Everybody is so excited about it,” said Brittany McGee, another member of the DMI All-Stars. “I know a lot of the people that work in the museum in L.A. are actually coming here.” She said she talked with a few at Mississippi Night, and they agreed wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“I feel like this museum is a great tourist attraction for Cleveland,” said Kimbrica Blossom, DSU junior. “If Cleveland wasn’t on the map before, it is definitely on the map now.”

Gabrielle Windless, DSU junior, also said she is looking forward to the opening of the museum. “I look forward to the many achievements that the museum will accomplish,” she said. “I don’t think we’ve ever had anything this grand to come to the Mississippi Delta. I think its pretty dope that Cleveland was chosen.”

Wilma Wilbanks, secretary of the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi Board of Directors, spoke highly of the museum. “There is such a buzz of synergy popping in Cleveland right now, because with Grammy Museum Mississippi , the Delta Music Institute, and the Bologna Performing Arts Center, absolutely anything is possible!” said Wilbanks. “We are fortunate in the Delta to have such a rich cultural heritage, and Grammy Museum Mississippi celebrates our musical roots, showcases our current artists, and provides educational opportunities for the stars of the next generation,” said Wilbanks.
Wilbanks pointed out that when most people hear the term museum they think of boring and dull. “It sounds a bit dry, because you don’t think of a museum that is crackling with energy, and constantly changing,” said Wilbanks. She went on to say that this museum will be a constant stream of temporary exhibits offered for our museum patrons.

There are many people to thank for bringing the GRAMMY Museum to the town of Cleveland.
“By the way, if anyone at Delta State happens to run into Lucy Janoush, please thank her for all of her hard work in making Grammy Museum Mississippi a reality that we, and many thousands of tourists, will enjoy for generations to come,” said Wilbanks.