Happy, but Sad

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As graduation approaches, students are running around trying to finish last minute projects and everything else. Remember to stop every so often to breathe and take a break. The same goes for people who are stressing out about what is going to happen after graduation. As a person who is graduating, I have been so stressed about what will happen after I graduate. Will I find a job? Where will I find a job at? What will happen? I don’t know what is in store for my future, but I know that no amount of stressing is going to help the situation.

I would like to say I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs these past 2 ½ years at Delta State, just like I’m sure everyone else has too. But, I’ve made it and that’s all that matters. I am sad to say that my first ever journalism teacher, Patricia Roberts, will not be here to celebrate my graduation with me, but I know she is looking down and is very proud of me, everyone else who is graduating, and those who will be continuing the Delta Statement to come. When I first came to DSU, I was just an English major and Patricia talked me into pursuing a major in journalism too. She was there for me through hard times and was more than my teacher, but someone I could talk to about school or personal matters. I wish she was here to help me or to talk with about preparing for the future, but I know I have Adrienne Berard, who has been a great addition to the journalism department this semester. Adrienne has taught me many things this semester and I am glad I had the chance to meet her, before I graduated.

I know this is the last semester for journalism at DSU, but we will still have the newspaper and I hope that when I check back on the newspaper in the future from time to time, I see it doing great and keeping up with what is happening on this campus. I am so glad to be graduating and getting out of school, just like I’m sure a lot of students are, but I am sad to leave too. I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of people, who even though I don’t hangout with much, I still talk to from time to time. I know I am ready for whatever comes my way. Congratulations to everyone who is graduating!!! May 2016!!! We made it!!!

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