Let the Cooks Be Cooks


The Young-Mauldin Cafeteria is the heart of Delta State’s campus. It is where the faculty, the student body and staff socialize and have the option of eating a nutritious meal. “The café,” as it is often called, offers students healthy food choices. Whether it is tasty or not is left for the students, faculty and staff to decide.

According to the Delta State website, the Young-Mauldin Cafeteria is where students “can get a taste of home” from their wide selections of real food on campus. Although the café has many occupants throughout the day. Some students chose not to eat there.

Quelencia Shannon is a first-time freshman at Delta State University, and she chooses to eat at the Union rather than the cafeteria. She heard the food is great, but it is always crowded. There are many times where the line to enter the café is outside the front doors.

She believes that if there were more food servers, or a second register, things will go more smoothly and quickly. “More money should be invested into the Young Mauldin Cafeteria,” she said.

Tee Horton visits the café at least two to three times a week because he is not a fan of the food served in the Café. He actually brings in food from the Union to the café. Most of the time he visits the café only to socialize with friends.

He recommends going to the café on the weekends because the food is much better. There are not many students there, and the cooks and servers do not have to rush to cook and serve food.

There is always room for improvement, and Horton believes that there should be more variety in the food offered. Horton insists that the cooks should have creative freedom in the kitchen. “Let the cooks be cooks,” he said.

There are so many strict rules and regulations, that it seems that the workers lack enthusiasm. As explained by Horton, “The greatest factor of the cafeteria is that it’s a great place to mingle and spend quality time with friends and classmates.”

Gurtrude Airington has been working at Young Mauldin Cafeteria for 14 years. Over the years, she strongly believes that the cafeteria has improved tremendously. According to Airington, the food tastes better, healthier, and offers more diverse food choices to students, faculty, and staff.

The cooks follow the recipes precisely from Aramark and are content with doing so. Airington says there is nothing she could think of that would make the Café better than it is already.

The Young- Mauldin Cafeteria encourages people to take a survey and leave feedback about both the food and Café. Occupants of the cafeteria have the option of sharing their opinions to voice the changes they want to happen.

Go to DSU Dining and share what you have to say about your dining experience at Aarmark Survey.