The Wesley


The Wesley is another student activity that can be found around Delta State’s campus. Students are encouraged to check it out. We caught up with some of the students who attend the Wesley regularly to see what it is all about. Here’s what we found out:


Define the Wesley in your own words:



“To me, the Wesley is a place where I can go,” Sarah Mummee, a sophomore, explained, “and can truly feel God’s love. Every week, I come in with baggage, shame, guilt, pride, brokenness, sadness, everything you can think of, and I leave healed. I leave with a hope and peace that has and always will love me no matter what I do or how I feel.” 



What makes the Wesley unique?


Sarah Freeman said, “I think what makes the Wesley unique is the diversity of our community that makes up one big family. There are many different people from all walks of life who attend Wesley, but each of us have a genuine care and love for each other.” 



What kind of experiences does the Wesley offer?


“The Wesley offers experiences that allow people to find a sense of belonging while sharing the gospel with everyone who walks through the doors,” Brittany Smart claimed.



Why should students come to the Wesley?


People go into Christian groups expecting perfection,” Leah Lytle explained. “We naturally expect everybody involved to be perfect and to never make mistakes, and when they do, we feel that the mistakes are a reason to turn away from that ministry. For me, the Wesley gives me strength and encouragement to get through the week. It wasn’t the messages on Wednesday nights that encouraged me but more so the fellowship.”


She added, “The diversity of the people attending drew me in but the quality of their hearts kept me! I’ve made some great friends there! Don’t go to the Wesley expecting perfection or you will be disappointed. Instead, go expecting fellowship with people who love God and strive to be like him daily! Go to the Wesley to grind for Christ!”



We also had a chance to catch up with the Associate Director of the Wesley, Kayla Frasier. She has been working at the Wesley for six years and is very passionate about sharing the love of Christ.


Frasier says, “The Wesley is a campus ministry committed to sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ with Delta State’s students. It is a home away from home; a place of guidance, acceptance, and discipleship for students to grow in Christian faith. It is unique in its diversity and acceptance of all students from any background as Christ has taught us. The Wesley offers experiences with the living God through worship, Bible studies, retreats, missions and fellowship.”



The Wesley has a regular Wednesday night service every week starting at 6:30 p.m., which includes a free meal afterwards. There are also numerous Bible studies going on throughout the week, including separate girls’ and boys’ Bible study, Tuesday nights. The girls’ session begins at 5:30 p.m., at Frasier’s home, and the guys begins at 6:30 p.m., at the Wesley. Both Bible studies serve a free meal and offer a great encouragement through the Word of God.


“Students should come to the Wesley to seek the truth, to find acceptance and love, to grow in their faith, to be strengthened, and to impact others for the Kingdom of God,” Frasier encouraged.


The Wesley also offers many other activities, including a fall and spring retreat, chances for outreaching into the community, and a constant place for encouragement and love. If you have the time, it’s worth checking out.