Sports Versus Education


Since high school, I have noticed that more emphasis is put on sports rather than education. Athletic programs at colleges and universities are heavily funded by institutional funds and students’ fees that should go toward academic programs.

Division I schools spend more money on athletes than education. Studies showed that public universities competing in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) spends six times more per athlete than they spend to educate students. As coaching salaries increase, tuition rises for students. Many colleges and universities are raising the tuition and cutting classes and funds. Have you noticed the increase in tuition for the 2016-17 school year? Could the cuts on majors in 2014 be because of the emphasis on sports?

Money and entertainment has taken control over education. Two-thirds of Americans believe that too much emphasis is put on sports. University administrations’ will cut academic programs and faculty members before even considering to cut budgets on the athletic programs.

“It’s really sad that us average students are eligible for most scholarships, but athletes can receive a full ride at the drop of a hat,” Jocelyn Young, sophomore at Delta State University, said. “It was just like this in high school. High school athletes would never go to class and the coaches would convince the teachers to let the players slide. It’s disgusting.”  

Brandon Johnson, a Biology and Pre-Med major stated that he does not attend any football games, basketball games, or any sports game and he feels as though he should not pay money to support these sports.

Colleges are primarily for academic purposes and education, but sports bring in a lot of money to the schools. Peter Wishton, a Cleveland resident, gave his opinion on the subject. “Sports are considered entertainment and we as members of society want exactly that: entertainment whether it’s from music, sports, or movies, that’s where all our money goes to,” he said. “No one really buys academic books and such to better themselves anymore.”

He added, “Colleges are not necessarily responsible for the emphasizes on sports, but society is. People will pay money to attend a football game, but will be reluctant to pay for attendance to a lecture on police brutality in America.”

“I personally don’t believe that Delta State puts a lot of emphasis on sports,” Phil Dublin, a freshman football player of Delta State University, stated. “When you go to Delta State’s website, a majority of what you see is about academics and events that are education related. The only schools that really focus on sports are Division I schools, and we aren’t a Division I university.”

As with everything else in the world, there are always contrasting opinions, and the emphasis on sports in the college world will have its good and not so good effects.