How to Tie Your Shoes


Sipping roasted coffee,

Sun rays caressing the wood grained desk,

September breeze blowing gently through the window

Rustling graded papers,

Blue birds hum songs of joy

In the tri-colored trees outside,

Voices of students resonate in the hall.

“Daddy, can you tie my shoes?”

She smiled as she

Wrapped her tiny arms around my thigh.

“Come here you little booger!” I said

Tickling her as I lifted her on to the counter.

”Over, under, around and through,
Meet Mr. Bunny Rabbit, pull and through.”

“Thank you daddy” She said giggling,

“ice cream tonight?”

“We’ll see my little princess, have a good day at school.

I love you.”

When you say school,

I see down the barrel

Of seconds from cancelling

An ice cream date with my daughter.

I see countless blank selfies of

My son and I

In the camera roll of my I-phone.

I see a king bed far too wide

For just my wife.

when you told me

That today would be my last,

A single tear slid down my cheek,

Past my nose,

Past my lips,

Past the dance recitals,

the little league baseball games,

the date nights at our favorite Italian restaurant,

children fast asleep with the baby sitter.

But now that today is tomorrow,

Wherever you choose to be

I will always have the best seat.

“Are you alright my darling?”

“Well, my daddy ties up my laces on my sneakers

But, I guess he’s not going to anymore.’