What Career Services Can Do For You?

A comic depicting the humorous side of being a well-rounded student.


A comic depicting the humorous side of being a well-rounded student.

The Career Services (CS) offers many opportunities for students to work on their career path. Their services include but are not limited to resume consultations, job postings, career coaching, job search planning, workshops on interviewing and business etiquette skills, and on-campus interviews. CS also sponsor and host career fairs throughout the semester. Currently, students are not willingly attending workshops offered by CS, that is the reason the Academic Council is voting on whether to include career service related courses into the general education curriculum

According to Delta State University Undergraduate Catalog, general education prepares the student for professional careers and lifelong learning and service.

The general education curriculum involves critical thinking, communication, artistic and creative behavior, human behavior, culture and quantitative skills. The courses associated with these various skills include several courses from English composition to courses focusing on personal development.

Although these courses are expected to produce well-rounded students, none of the courses offered focus on the important details to actually attain a professional career, including interview skills, resume building, business etiquette, networking, and much more.

“Interview skills are very important, and play a deciding factor in whether you get the job or not.” says Dr. Routman, Sociology professor. “You may have the qualification to get the job, but it’s the interview that really sells it.”

Referring back to the undergraduate catalog, students must assume responsibilities for their own personal development and intellectual growth, and to take full advantages opportunities for support that the university provides.

CS offers many services that will prepare students for professional career, but like many services offered on campus, they are rarely used by the students.

Davlon Miller, Director of CS thinks students might use this resource if they knew more about it: “We offer many workshops and services that many students are not aware of. For example, we offer mock interviews for students, it’s similar to a class and we give a quick overview of the interview process. We talk about how you should look, speak, and even smell for an interview. We also have a Don’t Cancel Class program.”

The Don’t Cancel Class Program is when a professor is absent. Instead of cancelling class, a member of CS will go to the class and do a workshop that is career service related.

“It’s a great program, and we hope to be more active this semester and the upcoming fall semester.” Miller continued.

“General Education requirements is a topic that is discussed in depth from time to time on campus. We are aware that business skills are very important for a student to possess. Our Academic Council and a special university committee deliberate regularly on this topic.” President William LaForge, stated in a brief email.

Delta State’s general education requirements include certain courses because unfortunately, if left to the students to decide, the majority will not choose college algebra and world history as courses to help them become productive and informative members of society.

“I agree that career services should be a class required for graduation. I would be more than happy to teach a general education course, if they wanted me to do that,” Miller stated.

Although there is no set decision on changing the general education courses as of now, you can continue or start your way to your professional career by visiting Career Services in Suite 300 on the third floor of the H.L Nowell Student Union.