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DSU Academic Advising: Time Management

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Academic Advising Services are offered to all DSU students and can be found in the Student Success Center on the 3rd floor of the Union. Students who need guidance throughout their college careers are always welcome at the Student Success Center.

The Success Center offers not only tutoring services, but an array of academic advising services, such as: assistance in exploring new academic goals, setting up time management plans, pre-registering, advising in major options, and assists with questions concerning university/major/degree requirements.The services available in the Student Success Center have impacted students in tremendous ways.

One difficult aspect of being a college student is learning to manage your time wisely. Between trying to balance having jobs, classes, and athletic practices, many students struggle with organizing their time wisely. In the Student Success Center, students can find resources that can help them balance their time management skills.

The Student Success Center is always willing to arrange an appointment for students who are in need of academic advising. This department has resources that can help students with their time management plans.

Academic Advisor, Darla Sisney, explained why making a time management plan was so important for students in college. “As college students transition from high school to college, it’s helpful to establish a strong study routine early. That way, once classes start getting more difficult later in the semester, it won’t be as hard to balance everything because it will be a habit at that point.”

So, don’t wait until you are an overwhelmed ball of stressmake a trip to the Success Center and ask for assistance in creating a time management plan or for academic advising.

Want more information about the Student Success Center? Visit their website:

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