Taxpayers and City Streets

Can it Improve?

While leaving home to run to the grocery store, you encounter many sites and obstacles, such as large potholes and badly damaged streets. Unfortunately, most cities try to smooth over the potholes by filling the hole up with cement, but the patched pothole gives a bumpy ride. This is also bad for your car shocks, struts, and not to mention, your tires and wheels. The damage can be as bad as requiring new tires, rims, and front-end alignment.

Is it fair for hard-working taxpayers to have to deal with the aforementioned street issues in their daily travels to and from work or just a short trip to the grocery store? No, it is not. Although the majority of tax dollars go towards providing healthcare and social security, a portion is earmarked to maintain infrastructure, or highways and bridges.

If your streets look remotely close to the above photo, then the local governments and city officials should be made aware of the streets’ conditions. Most local governments hold public meetings on a monthly basis, usually the first Monday or Tuesday of the month. This is where most decisions on how to spend tax dollars are being made.

Attending the monthly meetings could provide the help needed in drawing attention to the pothole problem with older streets. Additionally, people can contact the local county administrator or their local district supervisor. They can get the process going to improve your travels to work and the grocery store.

Take action in fixing the city’s streets as they are just as important to maintain as the town’s sign is or the grass and trees lining the streets.