A Piece of Resistance: A man inside Trump’s Administration speaks out.


President Trump has faced a lot of backlash over his presidency, such as Foreign Affairs, Tax Reforms and even illegal immigration. Now the president is confronted with a new problem from inside the White House.


A senior member of Trump’s Administration has come out “anonymously” to disclose major secrets about the inner-workings of Trump’s Administration.  This person and a group of other senior administrators have vowed to prevent Trump from acting rashly on his own accord.


A member of Trump’s Administration has reached out to reporters of the New York Times in an attempt to spread the word of their inside rebellion against President Trump. Although their goal is not to overthrow the President, they do plan on preventing him from acting out in a manner that would put America at risk.


The anonymous source claims that President Trump acts with his gut and tends to use his own methods to solve a problem instead of thinking it over first. This person does in fact praise the president for his “effective deregulation, historic tax reform and more robust military.”  Unfortunately, these pros come despite “the president’s leadership style, which is impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective.”


They then go on to state that meetings with the president tend to go off track, and how he constantly goes on repetitive rants, which leads to him making rash and ill-advised decisions.  “There is literally no telling whether he might change his mind from one minute to the next.” They also claim that a lot of President Trump’s aids try their hardest to prevent bad news from getting to Trump, even though this does not always work out.


Because of the president’s bold outbursts, America has become a “two-track presidency.”  On one track you have the president who acts rashly, dismissing and disrespecting people on social media, and taking matters into his own hands. While on the other track, you have the people in the Trump Administration who are trying their hardest to solve these problems in a calm and orderly fashion.  


Shockingly, there were even early talks about invoking the 25th Amendment, which states that in case of the removal of the President, the Vice President shall become the President.  Unfortunately, no one wanted to be involved with such an idea, so they decided to work behind the scenes and try their hardest to keep the administration on track until Trump’s presidency is over.  


People everywhere are giving their opinion about this “anonymous insider,” calling them anything from a coward to a hero. People claim that this person is showing true cowardness by hiding in the shadows and refusing to give up their identity, but the New York Times has stated that this person does in fact work for Trump’s Administration and refuses to give out his/her name to the public in the case of keeping their job.


President Trump has been ridiculed throughout his presidency, and now even his own administrators are calling him out on his incompetence. After the article was released, President Trump was outraged by the claim of a secret resistance lurking right underneath his nose. As of today, no information about this administrator has been given. Their identity still remains a mystery.