When do You Become an Adult?



Adulthood word cloud concept

Adulthood is a complex concept that can be defined in various ways: physical maturity, psychological development or social behaviour. The question we need to figure out is when do you really become an adult? In most countries, including the U.S., the official age to become an adult is 18, which is when most people are already physically mature. Interestingly, one can go to war, register to vote and pay taxes, yet he/she cannot buy alcohol, the legal drinking age being 21.

A person who can buy alcohol and fight for the country is still not old enough to rent a car. One has to be 25 to rent a car, and if younger than that, consequently, he/she has to pay a surcharge. When it comes to mental maturity, individuals in their teens are mostly impulsive while taking risks and seem to not get a hold of their lives until they reach their mid-20s. Most college students are undecided about their future, and although they might be living on their own, they still need a supporting hand from their parents. The generally believed markers of becoming an adult are: turning 18 or 21, moving away from parents, getting a (stable) job, taking care of a family, getting married or having kids.

According to recent researches, the rational part of the brain is not completely developed until the age of 25. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for decision making and critical thinking. When a person turns 18, psychologically his brain is not fully developed to perform the required functions. This factor contributes to the fact that teens often react emotionally and impulsively when exposed to responsibilities.

A child can become an adult when he takes responsibility for himself, and he needs to be mature enough to accept the outcomes of his actions without blaming it on others. In order to become an adult, one needs to take a hold of one’s life, not expecting anything from others and being patient. An adult is independent in his decision, he feels confident enough in making decisions for himself such as: choosing a career path, deciding where to live and what job to take and choosing what to become. People usually figure out these questions around the age of 30 as they might put you under pressure. Financial independence is an influential factor in becoming an adult. We cannot deny the value of money in current society. Most adults are dealing with financial issues and are usually stressed out. Once you become financially stable, you can then manage your priorities accordingly.

Considering all the factors, it makes sense for 25 to be the age of adulthood.