I have to let it go, I thought to myself. I plop myself down onto the bed and bury my face into the pillow. I feel a second weight upon the bed as I realize my boyfriend has followed me into the bedroom.

“Go away,” I say as tears threaten to fall and soak my pillow. I feel the bed shake a little as he laughs.

“You need to let this go, Aby. You know it doesn’t mean anything.”

How could this not mean anything when it meant everything to me? This was something that I could not get over in a day. Not after all the time we had spent together. This was too much. I sat up in bed, tears flowing.

“How could you do this to me, though? After all this time that we had spent and you end it all?”

He is laughing even harder now. I can’t stand it.

“Aby, it’s a TV show. There are thousands we can watch together. It’s not my fault that you fall asleep so early.”

“You could at least have the decency to turn it off when I fall asleep! You can’t just finish the whole season without me! I never watch ahead of you.”

He just shakes his head and gives me a tissue.

“I literally watched the last two episodes of the series. I would have watched them again with you.”

“But you can’t. You know why? You SPOILED THE ENDING.”

I throw my pillow at him. Hard.

“How can you just tell me that he DIES and not expect me to get upset? I was rooting for him the entire series and you tell me he is dead when I get out of class? Who does that?”

I throw my other pillow at him as he leaves the room. He comes back with my favorite bowl of ice cream and says, “There is a new show that I want to watch with you, and I promise I won’t spoil it.”

I look at him long and hard before accepting the bowl of ice cream. I take two bites before I cave.

“What’s the show?”