Satire: “Winter Wasteland in the Delta”

Delta State students are left frozen after the first snow of winter.


Students of DSU were going through an ordinary week for a college student when disaster struck in the middle of the week. On Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018, students were frightened to look out of their windows and see a blizzard of snow covering the campus.

The suddenness of the snow storm caught everyone on campus off guard and left the campus unprepared. The week before the blizzard, the temperature was reported as being in the high 50s to mid-60s. However, the temperature dropped tremendously into the low 40s the day before the blizzard. This dangerous change in the weather left meteorologists speechless as they tried to predict what would happen next. They were frightened to see the temperature drop into the low 30s late Tuesday night. Right when the meteorologists thought it could not get any worse, snow started falling on the delta and started filling the streets of Delta State. The accumulation of the snow was reported at a quarter of an inch and left students of Delta State wondering how they were going to survive that frozen November day.

Students were seen all over campus wearing multiple layers of clothes and huddled up in groups as they walked through the snow to class. While in the buildings, students were left questioning if it was safe for them to leave the warmth of the building to go back into the frozen wasteland. Some students were angrily yelling, “Why is it snowing in November!” while others were left speechless as they shivered in horror.

The faculty was being bombarded with requests from both students and parents to cancel classes, so the students would not have to experience the harshness of the cold. The university issued a state of emergency and warned students as they trekked through the snow.

Campus police patrolled the streets looking for students who were reported as being lost in the snow. The health center reported dozens of cases of frostbite and the cafeteria ran out of food as the workers tried to feed the frozen students.

The effects of the snow storm could still be seen despite the snow being completely gone by the afternoon of the next day. The counseling center on campus was open to students who needed help coping. The university also decided to cancel classes for the next week so students could recover from the trauma. The week happened to be Thanksgiving week.

With the semester coming to a close, students not only have to worry about finals and passing class, but they now have to worry if and when another blizzard will attack the campus of Delta State.