Battle Royale Frenzy


Video games have rapidly become one of the most popular forms of entertainment and are continuing to adapt to appeal to all types of gamers. Gaming competitions and live streaming games have become more popular because of the growth of interest in video games.

One type of game mode that is a cause of this growth in popularity is Battle Royale (BR) mode.

In this game mode, players are placed in a match with many other players, usually around 100 players, and are given the task to survive and outlast everyone by eliminating opponents. Other aspects of this game are the tasks of finding weapons to eliminate opponents and surviving the environment that the game is played on.

Many games in the past few years have had this game mode to compete to have the best version of the mode.

Four of the most famous and innovative forms of BR games are “Playerunknown’s Battleground” (PUBG), “Fortnite,” “Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout,” and “Apex Legends.”

PUBG is considered the first successful BR game and focused on the survival aspects of the game. PUBG also has some of the most realistic gameplay between the four games.

Fortnite took the format presented by PUBG and put a cartoonish twist on the game style. Instead of giving a realistic image like PUBG, Fortnite uses colorful characters and locations to put a fun spin on the game mode.

Other qualities that make Fortnite unique is the function to be able to build structures, a purple storm that shrinks the area for players to play on and the ability to buy certain characters, or skins, so players can have their own personal touch in the game.

The Call of Duty franchise also wanted to give their spin on the game mode. The already well known and established franchise added a BR mode in their latest game, “Black Ops 4.”

This mode is called Blackout. Although it does follow the same format like other BR games, Blackout uses the fast paced and smooth functions of all Call of Duty games are known for.

While it does use similar features like PUBG to make it look and sound realistic, Blackout has smoother controls and easier ways to rearrange inventory during the game.

The latest installment of BR games is “Apex Legends.” This game is a combination of all three of the games previously mentioned, but still has its own twist on the game style.

It is not as cartoonish as Fortnite, but it does use more imaginative weapons and characters than PUBG and Blackout.

One of the biggest qualities of “Apex Legends” that makes it stand out is its use of different characters. The different characters that can be used are called Legends and each have unique powers and abilities during the game.

These four games each have their own unique twist on the game mode and give fans options of what type of game they want to play.

BR games are becoming one of the most common game types today and are continuing to change and adapt to appeal to different audiences.