Is Cleveland Still Boring?

In the past few months,the town of Cleveland has taken a turn in a different and more exciting direction.


Anyone who is new to Cleveland, Miss. or not familiar with the town would consider it to be boring, mainly because it doesn’t offer much in terms of shopping and food options. In a way they haven’t been completely wrong in believing this, up until this point at least.. However, there have been some new additions to the town’s repertoire of attractions and they have served the town very well so far.

In the past few months,the town of Cleveland has taken a turn in a different and more exciting direction. With the opening of new restaurants like Zaxby’s and the Sea Level Oyster House, it looks as though Cleveland is beginning to offer its residents and tourists more attractions.

From the moment it opened its doors down on Davis Avenue in mid-January, the world renown Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers Buffalo Wings restaurant proved to be a great asset to the community.  There were people lined up, sitting in lawn chairs, wrapped around the building to get in the doors and demolish the famous battered tenders and Texas toasts.

According to the restaurant’s Facebook page and multiple sources, the first 100 guest to arrive received “a deck of dealz” which included 52 weeks of specials from the Cleveland location.

Just months prior, in late June 2018, the Sea Level Oyster House advertised for line and prep cooks, and in early October the newly anticipated restaurant opened its doors to the public. The restaurant is located on Cotton Row in the downtown area and just like Zaxby’s, it has been welcomed with open arms into the community.

Aside from the two new eateries, there have also been some additions to the hotel and shopping industries in Cleveland. Right across from McDonald’s, on Davis avenue, there is a Salvation Army Thrift Store that opened in late November.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, it is committed to “Doing the Most Good.” So, not only is Cleveland gaining another place to shop, but it is also gaining an organization that is committed to serving the community.

Scheduled to open sometime this Spring, Cotton House Hotel will be located in the downtown area of Cleveland on Cotton Row, a few buildings down from Sea Level.

According to the hotel website, Cotton House “will be a relaxed yet luxurious boutique hotel,” additionally the hotel will consist of “95 rooms and a lobby and rooftop bar and restaurant run by James Beard [and] nominee local chef Cole Ellis.”

Is Cleveland still boring?

That’s not all. Just seconds from the Delta State campus and right across the street from No Way Jose, the Scion Hotel is set to open sometime this year. The hotel was scheduled to open early in the year in 2018, but due to designing changes, the opening has been delayed.

Owned by the Trump Organization, the Scion is a part of a new line of four-star hotels. In an article, Jan De Roos, an expert in hotel contracts and franchises, stated that it is likely the four star hotel was even considered to be placed in Cleveland is because of the Grammy Museum which is minutes from the new hotel.

Is Cleveland still boring?

With all of these new attractions, the small town is rapidly growing in every aspect. The next time you’re downtown at the Oyster House or picking up a few items from the Salvation Army, just think about how far Cleveland has come.


By the way, Thursdays at the Salvation Army is College Student Discount day. Go check it out!