Satire: I like how you said that.


Controversy broke out this week at Delta State University over the comments on a discussion board post.


When the professor assigned the weekly discussion question to her Biology 101 class, she never imagined the debate would get so heated.


“I had students coming to my office in tears,” cites the frazzled professor. “Fights broke out in class. I even had to take away lab privileges.”


The flame was ignited after the professor assigned a discussion question concerning conservation efforts to save the bees. As always, a junior elementary education major in her class posted her reply near moments after class ending, asserting her dominance through punctuality.


The discussion went as follows:


Kaylen Brooks:

10:52 A.M.

Webster’s dictionary defines a bumble bee as  a “small, fuzzy bug with wings.” I believe it is important to save the bees because bees are important. I mean, yeah, they’re pretty annoying when you’re relaxing by the pool and one flies right in your skinny margarita, but bees are super important. If the bees die, tons of other stuff will probably die too. Bees are important for pollination and pollination is important for flowers and other plants. One way to save the bees is to stop swatting at them when they’re flying around. By protecting the bees, we can save the world.


Chad  Conrad:

9:43 P.M.

Hey Kaylen! I like how you said bumble bees are small, fuzzy bugs with wings. I totally agree that they are small and fuzzy and have wings. You made a great point about bees being important.


Bethany Green:

10:15 P.M.

Kaylen, you made some great AND interesting points about bees. For instance, when you described the bees, such as their small size, fuzz, and wings, I TOTALLY agreed. Bees are important for sure.


Chad Conrad:

10:47 P.M.

Kaylen, Bethany made some good points, but I also agree that bees can be super annoying. That is a great point. I also liked when you said “Bees are important for pollination and pollination is important for flowers and other plants.” I totally agree.


Bethany Green:

11:03 P.M.

Hi again Kaylen. Chad brought up a good point about the importance of bees, but I like when you mentioned how bees are important so we should stop swatting them. I totally agree.


The heated debate went on for 48 more messages, with the students eventually employing the use of name-calling, profanity, and even a few carefully chosen memes. The thread was finally dampened by the constructive comment of a student backed by research and original thought.