Student Transportation around Cleveland


A lonely bus stop with no actual bus on Delta State University.

Delta State University (DSU) has a lot to offer their students, but some say the campus is missing student transportation. 

Not every student has a ride to get around town. Some students are left relying on friends, but friends are not always reliable. 

There are many international students who attend DSU without a vehicle, and they have a hard time getting what they need because they don’t have a way to get there. 

Natasha Toms, an international student, says, “ The international office provides trips to various places, such as Wal-Mart once a week, but that’s not enough. Afterwards, you are stuck relying on friends.”

“It gets difficult when wanting to go outside of campus,” Toms continued.

According to Professor Willie Gant, a First Year Seminar instructor, DSU transportation would help students.

“I agree that there should be transportation for DSU students,” Gant said.  He specified that transportation is particularly needed “when it comes to them going to places off campus in Cleveland, such as Walmart, various restaurants and other locations. This would especially benefit those students that do not have personal transportation.”

Some students don’t receive financial aid, which means that they aren’t eligible for work-study or regular student employment jobs. In order for them to maintain the cost of books and other materials, these students may get off-campus jobs. Having accessible transportation could help students get to these jobs.  

Dr. Lauren Coker-Durso is a Delta State Professor, and just like any other professor, she sees not only what’s best for the students, but what is also best for the university. Dr. Coker-Durso says, “Other universities have this kind of ride program, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for DSU to have something like this.” 

Places such as Bucknell University provide shuttle transportation on campus, to take students to local farm markets, around town, and to regional transportation hubs. 

At any rate, many students seem to be in favor of the idea. Perhaps DSU will join the likes of Bucknell in the future.