Basketball and the Delta


The Lady Statesmen Ballers

The Delta State Women’s Basketball team recently finished their season 23-7. Although the NCAA cut the season short in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, DSU’s record is one to be proud of. 

Prior to the virus frenzy DSU’s Lady Statesmen were causing a pandemic of their own on the court. 

The team boasted countless wins during their regular season, such as beating the University of West Georgia 82-61 at home. They also devastated Valdosta State 73-51, again at home in the Sill. 

Moving into the postseason, the girls kept up their impressive form, easily beating UWG’s Wolves again. They then defeated Lee University 81-77 in the semi-finals before missing the chance to win it all by two points, a thoroughly impressive overall season. 

The Lady Statesmen left the GSC tournament ranked #5 in the South Region, earning them a coveted spot in the NCAA South Region Tournament where they were due to play Eckerd before the nation-wide cancellations. 

VIP Patterson

Senior #13 Quantesha Patterson was a dominant six foot presence on the court all season for the Lady Statesmen. 

The Mississippi  native posted an impressive game high of 33-points vs Montevallo as well as making 14 free throws against Valdosta earlier in the season. Patterson also boasted a ridiculous 22 game high rebounds against Christian Brothers. 

The senior got the commendation she deserved as she earned her spot in the GSC first team and gained recognition from the D2CCA All South Region. 

A Legacy Continued

The continued successes of Delta State’s female competitors comes as no surprise given the history of the program. 

The first DSU women’s basketball team appeared in 1925, and since then, has gone from strength to strength.  

Most notable in  the program’s history is the perpetual presence of the mother of college basketball: Margaret Wade. 

Wade was a student at Delta State and was one of the first Ladies to play the game here in Cleveland before the team was nonsensically shut down amid sexism claims about how the sport was unsuitable to young women.

After the disbandment of the team, Wade was called back to coach in 1973.  She led the team to three consecutive National Championships in 1975, 1976 and 1977. 

Wade’s impact was not only felt in the Delta, however. She was inducted into the inaugural class of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 1999. To this day, the best Women’s Collegiate basketball player is awarded the Wade trophy. 

 Throughout the years, Delta State has created a more than impressive track record in regard to its success on the court. The team from 1925 to 2020 boasts:

  •  3 National Championships
  •  1 National Runner-up
  • 9 NCAA Tournament Final Four Appearances
  • 13 NCAA Tournament Elite Eight Appearances
  • 18 NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Appearances
  • 21 NCAA Tournament Second round Appearances
  • 27 NCAA Tournament Appearances
  • 16 Conference Tournament Champions
  • 16 Conference Regular Season Champions

 And had COVID-19 not interrupted their successful season so far, who knows how many more accolades there might have been today.