At Home Workout 101

Tyler Moore - Strength and Conditioning Coach at Delta State University

Tyler Moore – Strength and Conditioning Coach at Delta State University

Due to COVID-19, gyms are shutting worldwide. This means many are left wondering how to stay fit at home. There are many options to working out at home – if you feel up to it. 

Working out is a fantastic stress reliever during this extremely worrying time, and getting sweaty could be the key to energizing the rest of your quarantine day. 

Most home workouts can be completed in around 20 to 40 minutes and are more time effective than a traditional gym routine. 

Whether you want to start some yoga, or you are looking to get a HITT workout in, there are some things you should consider first. 

Top Four Tips

Here are some top tips from Tyler Moore, Strength and Conditioning coach at Delta State University: 

1)    Get Creative

Working out at home means you might have a lack of equipment. You will need to get creative with weights and resistance. One good way to do this is to get some heavy household items and do eccentrics or negatives with it. 

2)    Increase time under tension

To combat your lack of equipment, increasing your negatives and time under tension with the items you do have will help. By increasing time under tension, you can make the weight feel a lot heavier over time. 

3)    Decrease rest times

Having low rest times in between sets or exercises will keep your heart rate up. This will allow you to burn more calories. 

4)    Emphasize mobility and flexibility 

Just because you might not have heavy weights, you still need to worry about mobility and flexibility. Make sure you have a proper warm-up and cool down. Include static stretching at the end and if you have a foam roller use it before and after your workout. Mobility will be a major concern with joints, muscles, and tendons stiffening up due to the lack of activity in quarantine. 

So, if you fancy getting some endorphins pumping around your body, get creative, find some household objects, and get sweating!