Greek to Clean Freak: How Covid-19 has affected Campus Greek Life


Phi Mu celebrates Bid Day with Masks on

Many incoming freshmen dream of spending their college years in their new Greek home. However, COVID-19 has drastically affected these outcomes. 


With a little less than 100 cases at Delta State University, DSU has put many student life activities on hold or under heavy restrictions in order to keep students safe. 

Greek but No Life


Greek life is no exception. Sororities and Fraternities have had to put their events on hold or cancel them due to COVID-19.


Caroline Dee, a local Phi Mu member, is upset with the canceled philanthropy events. “There were many planned events such as our bunko tournament we host in September.” 


Even with the heavy regulations, Dee believes there will be no Greek life events.

Bonding on Zoom


New members are not receiving the experience they hoped for due to these excessive regulations.


“I do not think [new students] are getting the full experience,” Sigma Alpha Epsilon member, Owen Boutwell says: “I can remember when I was a new member. We had new events scheduled every week to take part in to better the school and ourselves, as well as bond with each other.”


Another member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon feels the same way. “I’m super disappointed,” Dalton Turner, the treasurer of SAE says. “The best part about being involved in the fraternity was being able to interact with my brothers.”


Some people believe that Greek life is a great opportunity for students. It helps shape a person’s character when they are planning and attending events for a cause. 


When there is a pandemic, however, people do not feel safe enough to put their health at risk. During Fall recruitment, the local IFC only had 14 men go through and PC had about 45 women.


  “We were very limited on seeing the potential new members, and it was hard to form a good connection with them,” Dee says.


Greek life plans to host events in the Spring if the school lifts the restrictions. Until then, the only thing students can do is to follow the Covid-19 guidelines every time they enter the public. 


Although Covid-19 is restricting students from participating in many events, it’s best to wear your mask and practice social distancing so that student life can reopen in the Spring.