College Isn’t Necessary For Being Successful


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The entire time I was in high school, I considered college to be very important. As I began to prepare for transferring to college, I realized that it wasn’t as important as I thought it was. Although I am here at DSU, I want to tell you that college is not the only thing that will make you successful.


Around thirty percent of American adults hold a bachelor’s degree, but how successful are they? On average, they will make about $57,026 in a year. People who do not have a degree make an average of $34,197 a year (The Motley Fool). Parents who encourage their kids to enroll in college certainly have a point. 


These numbers are deceptively positive, though. If you graduate with a bachelor’s degree from DSU, you will most likely have debt around the amount of $25,500 (Student Loan Hero). Students take about 20-21 years to pay this off (CNBC).


This number could be even greater if you decide to switch majors or enroll in a master’s program. Debt can also affect those who never finish college. People who choose to drop out of college may have to pay back student loans if they use them to enroll. 


Despite the cost of college, there are many cases where it is necessary. Those who want to work in engineering or programming will need college to learn the details of their profession. This is also true for medical fields, such as nursing or sports psychology. 


These careers aren’t the only ones that will provide a solid future. Trades are a valid career option. An HVAC technician makes around $24 an hour (Ziprecruiter) and needs nine months to complete a certificate program (Intercoast). Other trade careers include welding, carpentry and plumbing.


You may also choose to go into the military, which will provide you a salary and pay college fees once you complete your service. 


If you have chosen to go to college, the decision is worth looking into again. Are you sure that your major is what you want to do for the rest of your life? Can you afford tuition? If not, you can come back at a later time. 


No matter what people have said to you, the decision to go to college is yours alone. Consider your alternatives. Is it more cost efficient to pursue a different career, or do you need a degree for your dream job? Just remember: College isn’t necessary for being successful.