Semester Redo: Delta State Aims for a More Fun and Safe Semester.


Natalie Jeffries is excited to see what the new semester holds with Phi Mu!

Following protocols and practicing healthy habits, Delta State will be able to start having safe on-campus events.


Fall 2020 has been an oddly memorable semester.  Students tried to avoid COVID-19, but the lack of campus activities and in-person classes made it hard to keep spirits up. 


Spring 2021 seems a lot more promising with sports events and in-person classes. The campus is slowly starting to come alive.


“This second semester has already gone a lot smoother than the last,” Phi Mu President Cole Hollis says. “Delta State has worked with us diligently when it comes to getting things approved, and we are more aware of what we should and shouldn’t do.”


Phi Mu, like many sororities and fraternities, is getting back on its feet with philanthropy and social events.


“Philanthropy events are a top priority for this semester, and we can’t wait to keep having them throughout the rest of the semester!” Hollis says. “Sisterhood events are important to us as well because it allows the chapter as a whole to grow together, not only as friends but as sisters!”


Greek life isn’t the only group ready for a more active semester. Sports teams are essential to college students and can now be enjoyed again. Not only are the DSU basketball teams able to play, but other sports are able to practice more frequently. 


Each sports team has been taking extra precautions for players and fans. Even the Delta State cheerleading team attends practice while wearing masks. 


In order to attend basketball games, fans must buy their tickets online, have their temperature checked, and wear face masks.


“I enjoy being able to sit by myself away from people and still enjoy the game,” Logan Callow, a fan of Delta State says. “I’m not crowded by a bunch of people, and I can still be involved as a fan. I feel safer with the precautions they’re taking, so I can continue to attend games.”


COVID-19 was an unfortunate downfall in 2020, taking many opportunities and experiences away from students. By following protocols, Delta State University can continue to plan more exciting events this semester.