Make Someone’s Day – Appreciation Goes a Long Way


Do you feel as if your job is important? Do you think you make a difference in the world? 


There is a multitude of jobs that uphold DSU’s campus. For instance, custodians complete odd jobs such as the sanitation of campus and disposal of garbage. The maintenance crew is responsible for the campus’s electrical work all while beautifying the campus. Cafeteria workers not only cook but also distribute food at all mealtimes. They are also responsible for the nutrition of all students on campus as well as staying open during inconvenient conditions.


DSU cafeteria worker of 21 years, Rita Webb reveals, “I really do enjoy my job. I feel that I do make a difference here at Delta State, and my favorite part of my job is meeting new people!”


Without the help of these overlooked, yet important jobs, DSU would not function properly. 


Although DSU’s purpose is to serve students individually, the student body as a whole could show more appreciation. 


What Can We Do?


There are a few ways that students can express their gratitude towards DSU staff. 


  1. A simple “Thank you” – it’s human nature to want to feel appreciated.
  2. Small gestures – acts of kindness such as cleaning up after yourself, or helping with the door can make their life easier 
  3. Form connections – taking time to ask their name, say “hello”, or ask how they are doing can leave an impression that solutes their hard work ethic


Other forms of expressing appreciation can be found at the following article, “Show Appreciation for Overlooked Campus Employees”!


A DSU custodian, Earnest Smith states, “I am required to clean the building, and other small things, but I haven’t been here long.” Even though DSU has only employed Mr. Smith for a short time, he was more than delighted to talk about his job. 


While the students are the faces of Delta State, they would not be here without the immeasurable acts of service from the employees that often go unnoticed. 


Although these specific titles hardly cover all overlooked positions, the ultimate goal is to appreciate all effort that is made by DSU faculty and staff.