Ask August: Dear Long Term Relationship


Need Advice? Ask August!

Dear August:

“When it comes to having to move onto campus, what kind of advice would you give a person having to change from a really close relationship to a long distance one?”

Dear Long Term Relationship:

Hi! Having a long distance relationship, either platonic or romantic, is hard work. It’s super hard to not see your other half all the time. Communication is key! I suggest having a schedule for talking or seeing them. Maybe, you two can plan weekend trips to spend more time with each other. Technology is an amazing thing, so use it to your advantage! You can  play video games together, FaceTime or even watch movies together through screen sharing.

Spending time with friends and keeping yourself busy can also help. It can help relieve stress and anxiety. Having hobbies can occupy the mind, so you’re not dwelling over not having your partner around 24/7. Just because your significant other isn’t here does not mean you always have to be lonely. 

Make sure to know each other’s schedules! You don’t want to interrupt something your partner is doing by blowing up their phone. Have a daily, weekly and monthly plan to keep the communication steady and open. The schedule helps to keep you from forgetting about them during your regular time at college.

Need advice? Ask August!