National Gun Laws in America 


Gun laws in America

When the subject of guns is brought up in the United States, there are always at least two sides. On one extreme, there is the group that is very patriotic, and they love their guns, and on the other. The side that hates guns and wishes they would all disappear. There is also the group in the middle that doesn’t care.

Because of this, gun laws can change from state to state. This makes it necessary for gun owners to know the different laws to each state they visit. This can cause trouble if they miss a key law in that state. A group of nationally set gun laws would make it easier for law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

Our Homeland

When it comes to our home state of Mississippi, we have some of the country’s friendliest gun laws. As long as you are of legal age, can pass a background check, and have the funds, you can purchase a firearm, no permit required. In other states, guns are not as accessible. 

California Laws

In a state such as California, a permit is required to purchase all firearms. There is also no guarantee that the state will issue you a permit. You can be denied a permit. The individuals who are allowed access to firearms must also follow rules regarding their firearms. These restrictions include magazine restrictions and registration. Gun owners must purchase liability insurance for their firearms.

Calif. to Miss.

It is also important to note that residents of California are able to bring guns into Mississippi with their California permit. On the flip side, Mississippi residents are unable to take guns into California with their permit. This is where nationwide gun laws would play a major part in citizens protecting themselves during travel.

Nationwide gun laws would make it easier for citizens who use firearms responsibly to exercise their 2nd Amendment, no matter the state. There are many laws that could be passed that could make these gun laws possible. 

Equally Accessible States

The first law that comes to mind is a United States Gun Permit. While each state has its own gun permit, the United States could offer citizens a permit that would give them the ability to possess a firearm in every state in the country. Because this is a major privilege, the price for this permit would be very expensive, and it would also expire every 4-5 years, like a normal state license or permit. 

Guns traveling from state to state should be registered. This does not mean that guns that will be used only in the state they call home should be registered. A personal gun collection should not have to be registered, but any concealed carry gun crossing state lines should be registered with a national registry.

Within the Second Amendment, it states that, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”. Although we are still able to get firearms within America, limiting the way Americans can access and travel with them in an unnecessary way is a form of infringement. Making gun laws nationwide would be better for the people of this country that are exercising their 2nd amendment lawfully.