Hey Kids: U.S. Band at 301 Event Center


301 Event Center is hosting U.S. Band and expects many there

301 Event Center is opening this coming Friday, with a very special treat. The U.S. Band will be performing this Friday, April 8th and the doors open at 8:00 pm with a $10 cover. (You must be +21 years of age). 

School is coming to an end, and students should have one last celebration before exams.

Grant Clemons, the 301 bar manager, is looking forward to Friday’s performance. 

“All of the U.S. Band’s performances have been fully packed and more than enjoyable” Clemons says. “They have brought an exciting crowd at 301 verses their much larger venues in Oxford and Birmingham. Nothing is going on around here and they [students] need something to do!”

 U.S. Band is a cover band with a Bon Jovi and Guns N’ Roses type performance and a large fanbase that everyone seems to enjoy. 

Jokingly, Clemons’s only rule is that “No sitting is allowed! Everyone is encouraged to dance and enjoy the hell out of it!”

The band has stated that their members enjoy the high energy and treatment from Cleveland, Miss. clientele, along with the rest of the Delta.

“Their energy is better than any music festival I’ve been to” Logan Callow says.

U.S. Band is not the only event coming up. 301 has many plans for upcoming events in the future. 

“With over 30 years of experience, 301 is looking to have the top premiere of entertainment,” Clemons says. 

301 is the only venue that remains open until 1:00 am. The space is also available to rent for any occasion, including wedding receptions, baby showers, birthday parties and more. For more information, contact Grant Clemons at (662)-719-7785.