My Next Thirty Years

Am I Becoming My Dad?


image via Pixabay

They say you’re destined to become your parents…but how true is that?

How many times has an older person who knows one of your parents told you, “You look/act just like your Daddy/Mama!” I have received this comment an innumerable amount of times in my life, and even now it has started to occur more regularly. 

At first, when I would hear these comments from others, I would usually brush it off and go about my day. Now, as I have grown older and heard these comments made time after time, I have become quite worried about my increasing age and the possibility of my inevitable similarity to my parents. 

I myself have even begun to notice some details about myself that I have recognized in my parents before. Once I noticed these similarities, I was scared to death. One might ask, why would leading a life similar to your parents scare you? So, let me lay out what the next 30 years of my life could possibly look like if I continue on the same path. 

My 20’s 

Hello there, my name is Bob Haggard. I am a married man, and I am also expecting my first child any day now. Currently, I have no worries even though I just finished school and this is my first year in the workforce. I have already completely figured out who I am as most people do at the age of 22 years old, so I have no worries about being a husband and father. 

A little bit more about me, I just finished my collegiate athletic career and have constant aches and pains. There’s no way I need to see a doctor or anything. All I really need for it is some ice and Advil every now and then. Maybe I’ll even put some Icy Hot on my knee, although the doctor said pain relievers are no good for torn ligaments. 

My 30’s 

Hey there, I’m Bob Haggard. I am a married man and I am also expecting my third child any day now. I currently have no worries even though I work in education and I am preparing to support three children. 

A little bit more about me, I am the head coach of a high school football team, which is much like being the boss in many other professions. Many folks in our town and school community take football extremely seriously. Sometimes when the team loses even just a few games, people get very upset. They reminisce on their glory days as a high school athlete as they finish their eighth beer of the night and stumble towards the parking lot.

It is nothing to worry about though. Even though high school athletics is something that is extremely unpredictable and many factors within it are uncontrollable, I think that I can continue to win games and keep everyone happy. 

My 40’s 

Hey, I’m Bob. I am still married and my children have grown so fast. My oldest daughter is starting college, my middle child is starting high school, and my youngest is starting middle school. 

A little bit more about me recently, I have gotten another job in a town far from my family’s lifelong home. Of course, my children have their own certain opinions about that and the move has been very frustrating, which is fine. They will make new friends and like their new school.

As far as my wife goes, she had to go on the job search. She had a very stable and well paying job in our original home, but since we had no other choice than to move away, she also had no other choice but to find one in our new home. Nothing to worry about, just a little stress, but everything is fine. 

My 50’s

Bob, here. I am in fact still married with three healthy and successful children. My oldest is applying for medical school, I couldn’t be prouder! My other daughter is married and a mother. I have a grandson! My youngest is in college and made the Dean’s list! 

As for me, just like always, life has been up and down. I have lost some of my loved ones, moved back to our original home, talked to old friends, lost some other friends, got a solid job, but I miss my old one as well. 

I wish I had paid more attention to those aches and pains that I have had since my 20’s, especially the one in my knees and hips. The doctor told me I will more than likely have to get both replaced within the next year or two, but I will survive I suppose. 

My wife and I have moved back to our original home and we are searching for a new home. Meanwhile, we are living in a camper on my Dad’s property in the country. It is a little cramped, and sometimes it violently shakes when a storm rolls through. Sometimes when the wind really picks up I think about sleeping in my truck and how it would probably be a more peaceful place to sleep during a storm. However, we have and will continue to endure. As long as I have my family, I have everything. 


You know, after showing you what my next thirty years looks like, that doesn’t sound all that bad after all. Wait..