Crescent Wrench No. 1

Crescent Wrench No. 1

Sometimes I need you

Although old and weathered with age

Your beginning and latter strength has no end.

You’re experiencing better days

I’m reminded of you as I gaze—

At the twilight

Whose waning light I’ll soon miss

Sometimes I need you

Honestly, you’re the only one I’ve ever kissed

Your prominent jaw, mighty and strong

Your lips separate in awe of my beauty

I yearn for your touch all the night long

With arms wide open

Ready for an embrace

One that can never be broken

Like jigsaw pieces we’ve been matched for one another

There’s no me without you

Without you there is no other

In this present moment, I feel lost

Because you’ve no legs to carry

Your silvery gray body, scarred and withered from battle

I’m forever fixed in this place

Like the dried rust that stains my heart.

Sometimes I need you