The Delta Statement

Madison Kalia
M.K., formally known as Madison Kalia, is a sophomore from Jackson, Mississippi. She studies English at Delta State University but is not entirely sure what she wants to do when she leaves college. M.K. is a somewhat mysterious woman who has gothic tendencies and watches thriller-like shows on Netflix such as “Supernatural” and “Riverdale” to keep Cleveland from being completely boring. M.K. wishes to finish writing a book before she finishes college. If she doesn’t get to finish the book, M.K. wants to leave Delta State and go to graduate school to study law. Although she leans more towards a gothic nature, M.K. listens to a variety of music including Rap and R&B. M.K. does not know where she wants to reside when she leaves college but wants the weather to be cold and rainy such as that in North Dakota so she can wear long clothing and feel comfortable.

Madison Kalia, Copy Editor

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