The Delta Statement

Sarai Cork

Sarai Cork, an up and coming YouTuber, is a creative writing major who wants to go to Full Sail University for graduate school for creative writing and entertainment—more particularly, for writing storylines for video games. When asked about her dream vacation, she said that she wants to go to Hawaii because of the climate and the food there. Her favorite movies are “Coming to America,” “Training Day,” “Friday,” and “Beat Street.” After being asked about her favorite movies, she explains why they are her top movies: for “Training Day,” Sarai wants to be in the backseat to listen to Denzel Washington’s long monologue; “Beat Street (her favorite movie),” she wants the stylish clothing worn in the movie; “Friday,”she wishes she could chill and relax with the main characters, Craige and Smokey; “Betty and Corrella,” she wants to have a conversation with the two powerful women.

Sarai Cork, Event Planner

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