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Abby Proctor

Abby Proctor, Photographer

Abby is a 20-year-old junior transfer student from Ethel, Miss. Abby loves writing, drawing, riding horses and playing with her three-legged dog, Gracie, and her cat, Grimm, whenever she gets the chance. Before coming to Delta State (DSU), Abby went to Holmes Community College in Goodman, Miss. Abby’s interest in how and why people think the way they do led her to pursue a degree in psychology here at DSU. When asked what type of articles she is looking forward to writing, Abby said, “I am looking forward to writing articles that will really help students here at DSU.” After she graduates, she plans to attend Mississippi State University to pursue a PhD in psychology.  


--bio by Jonathan Boles

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High Horse

Abby Proctor, Photography
April 18, 2019
Sta-Home organizes Hospice volunteering for the comfort and company of their patients.

The Heart of a Volunteer

Abby Proctor, Photography
April 17, 2019