The Delta Statement

Victoria Jankowski

Victoria Jankowski, Copy Editor

Victoria Jankowski is a 20 year-old junior at Delta State University from Las Vegas, Nevada, who has done a lot of travelling. This is her first year at Delta State; she is an English Education major with an endorsement in Biology. Victoria is the president of the Gamers Club on campus and she works in the book store. She is a fan of “Dungeon and Dragons” and also has an interest in Marvel; she does not have a favorite hero, but her favorite villain is Mister Sinister. She has travelled to 26 states with her family following her father’s job and has been to four countries,England, Wales, Ireland and France, for fun. She currently lives in Senatobia, Miss. The places that she has stayed in the longest are Nevada, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. Her family is spread out but mostly concentrated in the West in the states of California and Nevada. Her favorite places are London and Indiana. Her least favorite are Nevada and Pennsylvania. Her favorite travel story is when her family’s vacuum cleaner, of all things, was stolen from their truck in Albuquerque.

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