The Delta Statement

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown, a connoisseur of fine anime shirts and also a Virgo, is an English major with an emphasis in creative writing and a history minor. He prides himself on his ability to show up to class on time despite his messy, ongoing, hate-love relationship with his night class. Anthony chose to pursue a B.A. in English because he is good at it, and a boy needs to make a living. He loves history because of the smaller narratives that crop up in response to earth-shattering events. He is a die-hard Nintendo fan and even has a Gamecube set up in his dorm room; his girlfriend wishes he did not play it as much as he does. This new transfer student is excited and ready for what awaits him in the first semester of what seems to be a meteoric academic career at the illustrious Delta State University. 


Anthony Brown , Photography/ Social Media

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