The Delta Statement

Avery Wall
Avery Wall is from Greenwood, Mississippi. Considering that Avery tends to be bad with directions, she liked living in her small town but says that small towns can have their drawbacks. She is a senior at Delta State, studying education. She aspires to great things, and one day hopes to publish a novel. One article she has written that she is particularly proud of is "A Survivor Dressed in Pink." Avery’s schedule is extremely packed with different activities like her 18-hour course load, being the softball manager, being the RA at Brumby-Castle, observing teachers in the field, and working out. She feels like her greatest accomplishment in life is that she survived Adv. Comp., which I think we can all agree is amazing.

-Bio by Hailey Alderman, Staff Writer

Avery Wall, Statement Editor

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