The Delta Statement

Eloi Brownley Francois
Originally from Haiti, senior Brownley Francois Eloi came to Delta State University's for its financial program. He plans to pursue a career in financial planning or business administration. Beside finance, he is interested in diverse subjects such as astronomy, art, religion and social sciences. He likes different types of music including: compas, troubadour, soft rock, jazz and city pop. Brownley has a deep passion for writing. Under the influence of a music teacher, he decided to bring it to the next level and invested his time into building a blog titled “The Risen Soul” to publish his poems and thoughts. Brownley wants to help other people grow and become the best version of themselves and create a better world.

Eloi Brownley Francois, Publishing Manager

Mar 02, 2020
Five Mindsets That Will Boost Your College Experience (Story)