The Delta Statement

Lajuana Banger
Lajuana Banger is a 23 year-old English major from Shelby, Miss. Although she isn’t ready to leave DSU just yet, she knows that she must continue her journey to starting her career. Before she came to DSU, she was a student at Tougaloo College, located in Tougaloo, Miss. She started her journey as a biology major but found a great passion for writing, so when she arrived at DSU, she switched her major to English. Since being at DSU, Lajuana states that she has enjoyed taking classes with Professor Wegmann and Professor Tibbs. These classes gave her a chance to express herself through her work. After graduation, she plans to take a small break to get her personal life on track and focus a little more on being a great mother to her kids, then she plans to return to school to further her education to become a psychiatrist. She also plans to do a little traveling during the time that she plans to take off from school. In five years, she plans to reside in Dubai, UAE. When she does have some time to spare, she spends it by doing something that she loves to do which is shopping and spending time with her kids. Lajuana not only juggles being a student and working, but she is also a mother of two. This may be the ending of her last semester here at DSU, but this is just the beginning of a future that she is prepared to step through.

Lajuana Banger, Copy Editor

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