The Delta Statement

Shamyiah Williams

Shamyiah is an all-around good student. Her mindset is maintaining her goals by keeping her grades up. After attending Delta State University, she is debating whether she wants to go back to school or get a job. If she does decide to attend graduate school, she will have to decide between writing and teaching. When it comes to her personally, she is a person who enjoys writing, but besides that she finds herself drawing and watching anime during her free time. She has no pets of any kind, but she does desire to have a golden retriever or a bulldog. Being a Virgo, she is a person who exudes a lot of dedication. Shamyiah is someone you can depend on to actually get things done when it’s necessary. Not only that, but she is a person who is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed. She is not just an all-around good student, but she is also an all-around good person.


Shamyiah Williams, Publisher