The Delta Statement

I Bleed Green: Antwyan “Todd” Moore

Antwyan Moore 
Photo Creds: Anonymous

Hollie Williams, Publisher

March 26, 2019

The clock is winding down on DSU’s most-spirited student. Antwyan “Todd” Moore is a senior at Delta State University and as his time to graduate approaches in the Fall, he is left wondering who will fill his shoes. I approached Moore, mainly known on campus as Todd, still suited from a basketball game, hosted by...

What Campus Life?

Erika Coleman and Verity Poglayen

March 7, 2019

Delta State students are missing out on events and clubs on campus because they are generally unaware of where to find notices and details for activities and groups that interest them. When asked about how they find information, students say they rely mostly on word of mouth and friends to inform them of the goings-on of Delta State University (DSU). They also reply, “I look at the posters and fliers” or “I hear about most things from friends.” Students getting information from friends and posters do get some details of what is happening...