The Delta Statement

A good education can take you far in life.

The Value of a Good Education

May 1, 2023

Everyone should have some form of education. Even though many successful people have not gone to school or have not stayed in school, there is more to education than how much money you will make. However,...

A degree can open doors for your employment future.

How Your Degree Can Affect Your Career

Erykah Rayford, Social Media April 27, 2023

The specific degree you hold can influence the types of job opportunities that are available to you. However, your degree does not necessarily limit your job opportunies.  For example, with a degree...

Stop Selling Our Students Short

Stop Selling Our Students Short

Tia Davis, Social Media April 22, 2019

We as Americans take pride in our children’s education. We take pride in our students becoming successful in their life, so much that we encourage students to think beyond high school and about college.   While...

One of Perry’s favorite forms of stress relief is competing in weekend karate tournaments. She has been doing karate since she was six and is two belts away from a black belt.

Ms. Perry

Carson Wiseman, Literature Journal April 9, 2019

While most college students would consider themselves busy, student teachers seem to have the average student beat by a large margin.   I was able to catch Grenada native, Alexandra Perry,...

Have you weighed your options?

Promote All Options!

Hollie Williams and Hannah Roberson March 29, 2019

College education has been pushed on the public as the only way to have a “good life” for the past few decades. This big push for education began in the 60s-70s era and has shown extensive staying...