The Delta Statement

Picture of 2019 Delta Music Institute All-Stars’ 12 band members. Hannah is the one on the far right front row. (Pic from Delta State website)

The DMI All-Star

April 10, 2019

Right before the band was scheduled to leave for Los Angeles, Hannah fell ill and caught both strep throat and the flu just days before the big performance. Going against her doctor’s orders, Hannah still went on to perform with the other students on Mississippi night. As a freshman and audio engineering major from Southaven,...

One of Perry’s favorite forms of stress relief is competing in weekend karate tournaments. She has been doing karate since she was six and is two belts away from a black belt.

Ms. Perry

April 9, 2019

While most college students would consider themselves busy, student teachers seem to have the average student beat by a large margin.   I was able to catch Grenada native, Alexandra Perry, one afternoon as she was typing diligently on her laptop. Perry had already spent the entire day at school with her class of kin...

Wait, which one are you again?

Tyler (left) and Taylor (right) Williams as children.

Ryan Rutledge, Social Media

October 23, 2018

Imagine walking to class and you’re passing several random faces on the sidewalk, then you suddenly do a double take because you see two identical people in the same area. These are looks that identical twins on campus sometimes must get used to. For these students, having an identical sibling comes with both advantages and...

Cards can be made differently for different occasions, just personalize it!

How to Put the “Home” in Cards

October 22, 2018

Cards come in handy for every situation: birthdays, congratulations, baby showers, “get well soon”s, and even condolences. However, buying cards for every situation can become expensive. By hand-making the cards, you add a personal touch to it while ultimately saving money. It does not need to have fancy drawings or call...

5 Things No One Admits About Going Natural

5 Things No One Admits About Going Natural

Madison Kalia, Copy Editor

October 21, 2018

1. Detangling your hair is a full-time job.   When your hair is permed/straightened, it’s easy to quickly brush or comb it, wrap it at night and take it down in the morning. Unless you sacrifice hours the night before to twist your hair, that’s not an option. So, you’ll have to section it all off and detangle...