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Which of these social media platforms do you spend the most time on?

Is Social Media Really Social?

Jaylen Townsend, Publisher March 22, 2023

How do you feel after spending hours on social media–excited and relaxed or drained and defeated?  Cutting back on your social media time is advantageous to your health and well-being. Social Media...

The pandemic left some students feeling stranded.

Opinion: Communication Goes Beyond the Classroom

Erykah Rayford, Social Media February 14, 2023

Professors should adjust their communication skills, take interest in their students and not be so judgmental when it comes to “mental health days.”  Mental Health According to the Princeton Public...

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Ask August: Dear Stressed and Not Blessed

August Lovell, Advice Column April 29, 2022

"Hi August! School is coming to an end and I am super stressed! I am burnt out and I want it to just end, but I still have exams! What can I do?" - Stressed and Not Blessed Dear Stressed and Not Blessed, I...