The Delta Statement

Picture of 2019 Delta Music Institute All-Stars’ 12 band members. Hannah is the one on the far right front row. (Pic from Delta State website)

The DMI All-Star

April 10, 2019

Right before the band was scheduled to leave for Los Angeles, Hannah fell ill and caught both strep throat and the flu just days before the big performance. Going against her doctor’s orders, Hannah still went on to perform with the other students on Mississippi night. As a freshman and audio engineering major from Southaven,...

photo courtesy of the artist

A Seat at the Table Motivates Me to Love Myself

November 4, 2016

Recently, Solange released her third album A Seat At the Table, and it took the world by storm. I must say I am completely in love with it. According to,  "it already seems like a document of historical significance, not just for its formidable musical achievements but for the way it encapsulates black cultural and social history with such rich...

Green Light: Keith Johnson, Prince of the Blues

Photo from Keith's Facebook page.

Aallyah Wright, Editor

March 3, 2016

Keith Johnson is a senior Delta Music Institute audio engineering major at Delta State University and is taking the blues world by storm as the Prince of the Blues. A native of Glen Allan, Miss., Johnson has two brothers and three sisters. In his immediate family, there are no musicians, but there are others in his family tha...