The Delta Statement

Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point.

Life is Good

Justin Anderson, Publisher May 2, 2022

The last seven months have been pretty crazy for me. Over the course of these past seven months, I have had more fun than I could imagine. While most of the fun has been close to home, I have drifted off...

Nashville, TN at night

A Weekend Trip to Nashville & This College Student’s First Attempt at Writing Gonzo

Justin Porter, Literary Journal May 2, 2022

Leaving the City We got on the bus early that first morning and left before the sun had time to awaken. It took a while to get where we were going. It took all morning, I remember. We were heading out...

Riding the Annakeesta Sky Lift in Gatlinburg

Adjust Your Altitude

Chelsea Bryan, Copy Editor April 27, 2022

March 27, 2021: Morning  We loaded up into the car and made our way to Gatlinburg. Tenn., from little ole Jonesville, Louisiana. A small and underdeveloped town couldn’t hold down three wild girls...

Two girls jumping in the air

The Love Of Travel: Why You Need a Break and How to Afford to Take One

Rosie Ellis, Copy Editor March 11, 2022

Each semester consists of fifteen weeks of studying, cramming and assignments. Many students also work to maintain a steady income. This plus classes can lead to burn out. Do students ever get a break?   Do...

Students in the recreational building

Hit the Road, Jack: Delta State University’s Recreational Program

Joanna Johnson, Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2022

Have you spent the last few years indoors? Are you getting tired of endless schoolwork and weekend parties? With the weather getting warmer, Delta State’s Outdoor Recreation Education Program is just...

Spring Break 2019: Beach Party!

Spring Break’s Up Next; Got Plans?

Hollie Williams, Publisher March 1, 2019

Need to explore some new sights without breaking the bank? Join us on the countdown to 7 super cheap vacation spots you won’t regret! 07: Gulf Island National Seashore This national seashore...

Photo of Delta Music Institute Students

DMI Students Travel to D.C.

Sheldon Ransom, Staff Writer March 3, 2016

Delta Music Institute (DMI) students were selected to attend an educational workshop at the nation's capital. The workshop was titled "The History of Gospel Music." The workshop is part of the "Performance...