The Delta Statement

If I’m possessed by a demon, a single solitary demon, that demon’s name is Naia–she’s me.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Demons

Naia M. Lanton, Columnist/Da Editor April 24, 2023

I am, I have come to think, chronically possessed. I have had a non-zero number of exorcisms performed on me at this point.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’ve ever puked snakes or crawled up...

businessman tears document in office

Fear and Rejection: A Writer’s Life

Madison Kalia, Copy Editor April 22, 2019

Writing is about 30% putting words on a page and 65% rejection. That other 5% is reserved for the off chance that a publisher will accept you, and while hope and positivity and all that jazz is great,...

Eye Contact

Eye Contact

Aaron Payne March 4, 2016

I looked into the mirror, uncomfortable with what I saw. My now pale and ghostly skin glistened before me. I slowly made my way up to my face and set my eyes upon the scar upon my left cheek hesitantly....