Delta Flooding Causes Evacuations and an Unfortunate Spring Break for Some

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Delta State University’s Spring Break was in full effect March 7-11, but what many thought would be a sunny break turned into a flood filled extravanganza.

Cleveland, along with many other surrounding cities in the South, experienced major flooding. In some areas of Cleveland, South Court Street , for example, the flood waters reached anywhere between ankle deep to thigh high length in others.

Homes in Renova were so flooded that people could not leave their homes in any transportation other than boats or canoes. There were community members and Delta State students such as Treyzar Eatmon who helped to carry sandbags to those in need during this time. According to Channel 3 News, more than 100 homes on Pearson Street in Clarksdale had to be evacuated. There were also many areas in Clarksdale that were flooded and had to be transported by boat.

“I couldn’t do much over the break because it flooded too badly,” said Kimbrica Blossom, DSU junior. “I cancelled my trip to be with my friends in Cleveland, but we couldn’t even leave the house.”

Many schools had “extended spring breaks” due to the students not being able to travel because ┬áto flooding or the school bring underwater. Luckily, it seems that no homes or buildings around campus have sustained too much damage from the weather.