The Delta Statement

Baylee and I with tears in our eyes after our last ever game together 

Glory Days

Mollie Pinion, Copy Editor
May 5, 2021
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” -Maya Angelou

The Making of a Snowflake

Sykina Butts, Social Media Manager
May 3, 2021
Pictured: my mortal enemy

Existential Decrees Get Degrees

Kelly Foster, Delta Arts Journal Editor
April 30, 2021
This image was taken 24 hours before an emotional disaster.

Ladies, It’s not Always our Fault

Joanna Johnson, Social Media Manager
November 21, 2020

Flying in (to) a Pandemic

Tasha Toms, Editor-in-Chief
November 20, 2020
The Vacation of a Lifetime

The Vacation of a Lifetime

Ethan Burnett, Copy Editor
November 18, 2020
Olivia Freeny (left) and Sarah Freeny (right)

Switching Places

Olivia Freeny, Publisher
November 18, 2020
Woman holding a delicate rose to her lips

Am I Just Your Fragile Flower?

Hannah Alley, Delta Arts Journal Editor
May 4, 2020

Unemployment: College Edition

K'Na Rose, Events Coordinator
May 2, 2020
Fragile man

Man Made of Glass

Jay Loper, Copy Editor
April 29, 2020
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