The Delta Statement

Five Wild Wanderers Embrace the Golden Gate

Spring Break Madness

Moukthida Xaygnaphone, Staff Writer May 7, 2024

Gather 'round, you adventure-hungry souls, for I have a tale to spin that will tickle your funny bone and make your wanderlust dance the cha-cha. Strap yourselves in as I take you on a whirlwind journey...

Doll Parts

Doll Parts

Naia Marie Loper, Co-Editor-In-Chief May 2, 2024

d have     I think I’ve always been on the periphery of the riot grrrl lifestyle I say periphery, because I spent most of my teenage years hating men, but also not having a word for...

Semicolon graduate

Deigned by Naia Loper

Bipolar Student Applies for Graduation

Lauren Harvey, co-editor-in-chief May 2, 2024

As I scrolled through social media, a slide show popped up of a young girl in graduation regalia. Text covered the top of the photo: “Bipolar people are 70% less likely to graduate college.” I swiped...

Top Left to Right: Justin Porter, Professor Mike Smith
Bottom Left to Right: Canderrian Brown, Lauren Harvey, Jamelia Mason

SLF 2024 in Oxford, Miss.

Lauren Harvey, Co-Editor-In-Chief April 25, 2024

This year, the Southern Literary Festival (SLF) settled in Oxford, Miss. Sixteen southern colleges and universities’ best writers congregated at SLF 2024 for a packed three-day schedule. History of...

If I’m possessed by a demon, a single solitary demon, that demon’s name is Naia–she’s me.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Demons

Naia M. Lanton, Columnist/Da Editor April 24, 2023

I am, I have come to think, chronically possessed. I have had a non-zero number of exorcisms performed on me at this point.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’ve ever puked snakes or crawled up...

Poets will sing from the tatters of old books, until we listen to them, and then they will go on singing.

Southern Literary Festival, More or Less

Kelly Foster, Co-Editor in Chief April 19, 2023
Some polite clapping for Whitman, of course. He was perfectly sensibly senseless; everybody said so, at least everybody that was there, and if you were a person and you were there, then you were allowed to be right about poetry, some of the time. Whitman seems mildly disgruntled as he steps away from the podium. 
The baby squirrel asleep in his makeshift home.

The Great Squirrel Rescue

Alexis Rodgers, Literary Journal May 6, 2022

In between the months of September and October, a great storm brewed and threw the winds into a game of tug-a-war. The rain was harsh, cold, and quite unending. I had only been at Delta State for a few...

At the College House Party: Girl Takes Glass with Drink from the Tray. Diverse Group of Friends Have Fun, Dancing and Socializing. Disco Neon Strobe Lights Illuminating Room.

Cans on Coffee Tables: A Story on College Parties

Alexis Hall, Contributing Writer May 5, 2022
I wasn’t sure if the drink was his or not, but somehow, I had a bad feeling whether it was his or not.
Experiencing Customer Service

Experiencing Customer Service

Rosie Ellis, Copy Editor May 5, 2022

Anyone like me working in customer service has that one period of time where customers test our patience. Sometimes it’s in a good way, but other times, it can be in the worst way ever.  I have always...

I wanted to feel the jittering Holy Ghost electricity in my veins. I wanted to feel the chills and spine-tingling ecstasy...

Prodigals Come Home, Orphans Never Do.

River Ackley, Contributing Writer May 4, 2022

In my 28 years of existence, I have learned one thing very clearly: Whether or not a story is told depends entirely upon the teller. I will not say that my exodus from the Pentecostal Church has led me...

Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point.

Life is Good

Justin Anderson, Publisher May 2, 2022

The last seven months have been pretty crazy for me. Over the course of these past seven months, I have had more fun than I could imagine. While most of the fun has been close to home, I have drifted off...

Nashville, TN at night

A Weekend Trip to Nashville & This College Student’s First Attempt at Writing Gonzo

Justin Porter, Literary Journal May 2, 2022

Leaving the City We got on the bus early that first morning and left before the sun had time to awaken. It took a while to get where we were going. It took all morning, I remember. We were heading out...