The Delta Statement

Kelly Foster

Kelly Foster, DA Journal Editor

“I think reading is a form of learning; not only are you learning about all the various facts that authors research, but you’re also learning about people.”

Kelly Foster, a Miss. native, moved from Flowood to Cleveland in order to attend Delta State University. Kelly is an English major with ambitions of one day pursuing law school. She is currently classified as a sophomore and is also a legacy here at DSU within her tri-delta sorority. It’s fair to say that Kelly Foster now calls the land of the Fighting Okra her home, and we are lucky to have her here. As an obvious fan of literary exploration, Kelly finds immense passion within various forms of writing, ranging from poetry and creative writing all the way to standardized essays. Even though she is not originally from the Delta, her family roots remain strong within this region, which makes her experience here in the flatlands that much more appealing.

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