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2017-2018 Staff

Ayesha Tariq

Staff Writer

Ayesha is a foreign exchange student from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Ayesha was selected from over 9,000 students to be one of 100 scholarship holder sponsored by the company that sent her to Delta State University where she majo...

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Katilyn Walker

Staff Writer

Katilyn is currently a junior at DeltaState University. She transferred here from East Central Community College to major in English Education. With this degree, Katilyn hopes to be a high school English teacher. When she is not ...

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Simone Jackson

Sports Editor

Simone is the new sports editor for the Delta Statement. An English major with a concentration in philosophy and a minor in coaching, she is a native of Gulf Coast, MS. After graduation, she plans on teaching high school and ...

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Wyatt O'Keefe

Staff Writer

Wyatt is 22 years old and came all the way from Terry, Miss., to pursue a history major at Delta State University. He is a junior and plans to continue his studies in journalism after graduating from DSU. Along with scholarship...

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Hadia Zafar

Staff Writer

Hadia, born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan, is a senior English major who has entered the United States for the first time as part of the international student program at DSU. Hadia finds the education system here in the U.S....

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Dearron Stewart

Staff Writer

Dearron, an English Education major, transferred to DSU from East Central Community College. As his career, he is aiming to become a professional English instructor. He has a versatility in him as a person: along with all his academic a...

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Stormy Ferrell

Staff Writer

Stormy is a junior at Delta State University. She grew up in Rockwood, Tenn., where she played the trumpet in band during high school. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English with a focus in Philosophy and a minor...

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Kole Oakes


Kole, who grew up in Pittsburg, Miss., and is originally from Jackson, Miss., is a fourth year major in English Education at Delta State. His interests include literature and music, and he spends his free time outside or in a ...

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Avery Wall


Avery  is a junior English major from Greenwood Mississippi. A little known fact about her is that back in elementary school, she used to hate reading. Of course, as she grew up and started reading on her own, she discovered h...

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