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Meet Tamari Tateshvili, a junior student majoring in Computer Science and an exchange student hailing from Akhaltsikhe, Georgia 🌍✨

Tamari Tateshvili’s Journey

Moukthida Xaygnaphone, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

At Delta State, the vibrant tapestry of campus life is interwoven with the stories and experiences of students from around the globe. Among them is Tamari Tateshvili, a junior majoring in Computer Science,...


Christian Music is “Coming In Hot”

Jamelia Mason, Co-Editor-in- Chief March 5, 2024

Left to Our Own Devices, Literally The global pandemic had a lot of people quarantined and socially isolated, which led people to start developing hobbies. The pandemic provided users the opportunity...

Lusia Harris is remembered for her lasting career, talents, and effort in achieving her dreams.

Who ‘Gave ‘Em Hell’?: The Legacy of Lusia Harris

Jamelia Mason, Publisher February 28, 2023

Lusia Harris was born in small town Minter City, Miss., in 1955. According to Andrew Maraniss, author of "Inaugural Ballers," life wasn't always easy for young Harris. Growing to a height of 6 feet,...

Senior Aviation Student Kaiden Holt poses next to a DA42 Airplane at the Delta State Airport.

The Flying Okra: Aviation at Delta State

Charlie Lott, Social Media February 24, 2023

Not many college students spend their scholarly time soaring through the air in a highly pressurized tube, but this is the reality for Delta State aviation students.  For many years, Delta State has...

Dr. James Gerald has traveled, taught, worked and learned through every phase of his life.

Okra Spotlight: Dr. James Gerald

Lauren Harvey, Copy Editor March 7, 2022

Dr. James Gerald, Associate Professor of Physics, is the director of Delta State Univ.’s honors program. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree, two master’s degrees, and two Ph.Ds. Gerald has been...

Student, Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist: The Story Behind the Davontre Henderson Foundation

Student, Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist: The Story Behind the Davontre Henderson Foundation

Mollie Pinion, Copy Editor March 19, 2021

“I do this for my mama” is a saying not unfamiliar to Delta State student Davontre Henderson. As a full time student, stellar DSU football player, campus leader and passionate philanthropist, it should...

Reaching for the Arts: Timothy Wasylina

Reaching for the Arts: Timothy Wasylina

Kenesia Murphy, Social Media Manager March 14, 2021

Imagine being in a room full of sophisticated, soulful sounds. Saxophones, pianos, violins — every instrument comes together as one. They all have something in common: unity and harmony. Music notes...

Mastering the Climb

Mastering the Climb

Noah Blake, DA Journal Editor March 11, 2021

I first met Michael Ray, now a senior history major at Delta State, in Spanish 101. Walking into class, I noticed that he had a Fallout New Vegas backpack, and we immediately hit it off. On Fridays,...

Graduating Okra style!

The Activity Behind Your Activities: My Conversation with Activities Coordinator, Elizabeth Swindle

Kelly Foster, DA Journal Editor March 8, 2021

Elizabeth Swindle has a lot to say, and she usually says it with a smile.  “I gotta kick William, he’s being weird. . . . He’s making fun of me for talking so much,” she tells me during our...

Isolation During the Pandemic

Being Quarantined, Words from Dr. Coleman

Raven Runnels, Publisher March 4, 2021

According to the CDC, isolation has led to a rise in stress, depression, suicides, and mental disorders. Dr. Judith Coleman, Delta State’s Writing Center Director, Language and Literature professor,...

The DMI Is a Place for Anyone Who Loves Music

The DMI’s Unsung Hero

Ethan Burnett, Copy Editor November 19, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted many things at DSU, and the bands involved with the DMI were hit especially hard. At the beginning of the semester, none of the student bands had enough members to perform. One student...

Carson Wiseman poses with her corgi. Photo credit: Wiseman

Carson Wiseman: Pandemic Tutor

Jack Vernon, Social Media Manager October 15, 2020

In a pre-COVID-19 world, Delta State University’s Writing Center was one of the most valuable assets available to the university’s students and faculty. However, when the pandemic hit in March 2020,...