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Image Generation is Generating Problems

Anna Schmitz, Staff Writer April 11, 2024

A new form of art is on the rise in recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) image generation is reaching all corners of the internet. Users can find these images all over reddit, X (Twitter), Facebook,...

Customers peruse the aisles at Square Books in Oxford, Miss.

Books Are Not Dying

Lauren Harvey, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 11, 2024

In 2023, the average American started 12.6 books per year but only finished just over five books per year. This is a sharp decline from 18.5 books started in 1999. This begs the question, are books dying? The...

After Rolling Forks, Miss. was hit by tornados, professionals had to work in tents.

The Mississippi Health Care Crisis

Samantha Kirkhart, Staff Writer April 4, 2024

As the healthcare crisis worsens, many hospitals throughout Mississippi are in imminent threat of shutting down. According to Mississippi Today, “The Mississippi State Department of Health, an agency...

Workers in a factory in Dhaka/Bangladesh

The Real Cost of Fast Fashion: How It Hurts Workers

Moukthida Xaygnaphone, Staff Writer April 2, 2024

Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing that is produced quickly and inexpensively to keep up with the latest trends. While this may seem like a great deal for consumers, the real cost of fast...

A good education can take you far in life.

The Value of a Good Education

May 1, 2023

Everyone should have some form of education. Even though many successful people have not gone to school or have not stayed in school, there is more to education than how much money you will make. However,...

Paltrow awarded $1 in countersuit over alleged ski crash

GOOP CEO’s One Dollar Win

Adams W. Ray, Copy Editor April 20, 2023

A cross-complaint over a skiing accident between two allegedly dishonest multimillionaires wrapped up this April. Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and proprietor of multimillion snake oil store GOOP, was brought...

Watching other peoples lives captivates us--but why?

Why Do We Like To Watch Rich People on TV?

Aaliyviah Frison, Copy Editor April 4, 2023

I am going to go straight into this: we love drama, specifically reality shows.  We feel satisfied when a cast member we can’t stand doesn’t get their way or gets their “karma.” Or vice versa,...

The for-profit prison system has been barbed with issues since its inception.

Are Private Prisons Necessary?

Adams W. Ray, Copy Editor March 23, 2023
Overall, whether it is from the perspective of a prisoner, guard or law-abiding citizen, for-profit prisons seem to be no one’s preference. 
Which of these social media platforms do you spend the most time on?

Is Social Media Really Social?

Jaylen Townsend, Publisher March 22, 2023

How do you feel after spending hours on social media–excited and relaxed or drained and defeated?  Cutting back on your social media time is advantageous to your health and well-being. Social Media...

Sex-ed curriculums across the South have been called out for comparing sexually active students to chewing gum and dirty chocolate.

Birds, Bees and Dirty Chocolate?

Kelly Foster, Editor-in-Chief March 21, 2023

Public schools in Mississippi still operate under the amended Section 37-13-171 of the Mississippi Code of 1972. This code has a few strict requirements, including emphasis on abstinence as the “standard”...

The pandemic left some students feeling stranded.

Opinion: Communication Goes Beyond the Classroom

Erykah Rayford, Social Media February 14, 2023

Professors should adjust their communication skills, take interest in their students and not be so judgmental when it comes to “mental health days.”  Mental Health According to the Princeton Public...

Using the correct pronoun to identify someone does not have to be scary!

A Remedial Guide to Pronouns

Jay Loper, Copy Editor April 11, 2022

You learn about pronouns as early as elementary school, maybe even earlier. You learn possessive pronouns, like his and hers and even theirs.  It becomes an easy, normal part of your everyday speech.  A...